Speaker Microphone

Speaker Microphone

Introducing the Speaker Microphone – This compact microphone incorporates a groundbreaking windporting feature designed to reduce background noise caused by strong winds and adverse weather conditions. The speaker grill allows audio transmission even when the microphone port is obstructed by water. With a coiled cord for seamless talking and listening without the need for removal from a belt or case, it also features a push-to-talk switch, swivel clip, and quick disconnect latch for added convenience.

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Ideal for use in moderately noisy environments where hearing can be challenging with the radio alone. Easily attachable to a shirt or uniform near the mouth and ears, the speaker microphone enhances audio clarity for effective communication.


Different models are subject to availability, and individual specifications are not disclosed online. Consequently, images displayed on the website may differ from the actual equipment shipped, although the variances are not considered material. Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in the exclusive use of OEM or high-quality third-party accessories, ensuring they meet the highest standards.


Connect the speaker microphone to the radio by lifting the silicon cover on the radio’s jack. Press and hold the push-to-talk button while speaking, releasing it to listen. For optimal use, attach the speaker to the upper body/shoulder area, keeping the radio on the belt. This positioning enhances incoming communication clarity, but be mindful that it may get loud (depending on the radio volume setting) and is not private.

Remember to turn on the radio before connecting the speaker mic to avoid unintentional broadcasts. Failure to do so may activate the push-to-talk function, causing other radios on the same channel to be in use as if the button were manually pressed.

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