Surveillance Headset

Surveillance Headset

Introducing the Surveillance Headset – Engineered for environments with moderate noise levels, this lightweight headset offers users clear, private, and hands-free communication. The comfortable single-ear design is ideal for extended wear and features a swivel boom microphone for added convenience. No adapters are required, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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Effective in environments with moderate noise levels, where relying solely on the radio might be challenging, and discreet communication is essential.


Different models are subject to availability; hence, individual specifications are not disclosed online. Consequently, images on the website may differ from the actual equipment shipped, although the variations are not considered material. We exclusively utilize OEM or high-quality third-party accessories, prioritizing their adherence to the highest standards to ensure your satisfaction.


Connect the headset to the radio by lifting the silicon cover on the radio’s jack. It is versatile for use on either ear. The two cords are typically routed beneath outerwear (shirt, sweater, or jacket), connecting from the radio at the belt area up to the ear and upper body for the mic/push-to-talk button.

Ensure the radio is turned ON before connecting the headset to prevent unintentional broadcasts. Failure to do so may activate the push-to-talk function, causing other radios on the same channel to be in use as if the button were manually pressed.

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