Heavy Duty Headset

Heavy Duty Headset

Crafted for noisy environments, our Heavy Duty Headset excels with a dual-ear design, swivel noise-canceling boom microphone, and a noise reduction rating of 24dB. Wear it with or without a hardhat for versatile use, and conveniently access the push-to-talk switch located on the ear-cup.

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Tailored for demanding applications in loud environments that necessitate hearing protection. Our headsets feature a flexible noise-canceling boom microphone for optimal performance.


Due to availability, specific models may vary; hence, individual specifications are not displayed online. As a result, images on the website may differ slightly from the actual shipped equipment, though not in a significant manner. We prioritize your satisfaction by exclusively using OEM or high-quality third-party accessories.


Connect the headset to the radio by plugging it into the exposed jack (some radios have a silicone cover that lifts to reveal the jack). Exercise caution while walking indoors or outdoors, as you may not hear approaching vehicles or your surroundings. Ensure the radio is turned on before connecting the speaker mic to prevent accidental broadcasting, which would engage other radios on the same channel as if you were pressing the push-to-talk button.

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